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“Our philosophy as an ethical company is never to print anything in regards to the BME population that can be seen as demeaning or negative, but to promote the positive contributions and achievements that members of the BME population have made and are making to positively impact and shape the society in which we live.”


eventsPANACHE OCCASIONS also specialise in corporate events and party planning designed to help you organise your event.

Our aim is to be the Crème de la Crème of event organising delivering a high standard of quality and value for money to our customers. We understand that each function we undertake is unique and tailor our response and our creative skills appropriately to create a successful special event

We are passionate, dedicated and fun. We can create whatever is required to take your guest’s breath away.

Our forte is creating original events; however, if it has been done before, you will now see it done with PANACHE.