The African Party (TAP) is organised by Nigerian Watch Newspaper and Women4Africa two leading African Brand ambassadors.

Nigerian Watch newspaper is the UKs largest ethnic newspaper, which prints fifty thousand copies fortnightly. Nigerian Watch also has a very strong online presence in the form of a news website and Facebook page. The news website has had over 2 million unique visits to date and the Facebook page has a reach of over one million posts a week. Nigerian Watch has a large African following from countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Cameron and Sierra Leone but to name a few all residing in the UK.


Women4Africa is an establishment that focuses on celebrating and empowering African women and the key role they play in every African community. Women4Africa organises a prestigious award show once a year to recognise, honour and acknowledge such women who are identified and nominated by the public.

African women have often been portrayed as victims of poverty, violence and conflict amongst other disasters. Beyond advocating and engaging them to fight against these negativities, it is equally important to highlight that African women are also ‘agents of positive change’ in their communities. It is their sheer determination, ambition, passion, talent, resourcefulness and drive often forgotten that Women4Africa intends to promote. We exist to support and encourage African women to excel in all they do. Women4Africa’s sole aim is to support and encourage African women to excel in all they do.

With the combination of both Nigerian Watch and Women4Africa, The African Party (TAP) promises to be another African brand ambassador whose sole aim is to empower Africans in the diaspora and bring all African communities in the UK together to network and celebrate being Africans.